Empathy at scale

Creating the world's first AI Voice that cares.

When was the last time you loved
talking to a Voicebot?

When people speak, it's thousands of years of evolution talking.

Human language is just the icing on the cake of ancient behavioral patterns. Conversely, today's Voice AI systems are built on the mistaken assumption that it's all about words.

Junglebrains approaches Voice Experience holistically.

By teaching Voice AI to master non-verbal communication, we connect humans with technology on a deeper social and emotional level, enabling businesses to deliver truly empathic, individualized, and delightful voice experiences at scale.


Listening beyond words, making users feel heard and cared for.


Adapting to age, pace, and personality, improving accessibility and building rapport.


Bridging the gap between human and bot service experiences and improving customer satisfaction.

Build deeper connections

Customer service is always a social and emotional experience, no matter if it's automated or human-to-human. Build deeper connections, show genuine empathy, and make your customers feel heard and empowered. They will perceive your service as superior and reward you with loyalty.


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