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The startup network F6S recently placed Junglebrains second on a list of 6 top Voice companies and startups in Germany in 2024. We celebrate this recognition and appreciate the momentum that empathic AI and empathy in general have gained recently.

Still, there is a lot at stake. Researchers are pointing out risks associated with AI systems mimicking empathy, and a recent study found that while AI already outperforms average humans in certain empathic response generation tasks, people are biased against AI and feel uneasy when aware that an empathic response was AI-generated.

At Junglebrains, we strive to base our approach to empathic AI on an ethically sound framework that carefully weighs the benefits against the risks. In particular, we have identified three core obligations:

  1. Empathic AI agents must be unambiguously clear that they are not human.
  2. Synthetic Empathy must include inference of the causes – particularly the human needs – that underlie observable emotional expressions, and strive to address those needs.
  3. Empathic AI systems must strive to increase human emotional awareness and empathy, rather than replacing it.

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